Designers – How To


This is easiest part – you have to register same as regular user, BUT don’t forget to tick an option “register as vendor” (as on image below).



You have to be logged in as a vendor/designer, to be able to see the category “Specials”:

When you choose your favourite template, just click “Start Design”, as on picture below.


To design a product, you have to follow all steps as a regular user (customer).
The process is well described HERE.

At the end of process (so, after you design a new product), go to Cart, and apply a coupon code “designer”, and finish the process of payment (it is 100% free and you don’t need a credit card for it):


At Checkout page, enter all your data, read terms and conditions and click “Place Order”.
After that, you’ll get a confirmation that order is received, and an option to download your design:


When you click “Download Design”, you will get a new page.
As you need an image of your new product to add it to your catalog/shop, best way is to keep product photo using right click+save image as:


If you use an option “Click to download” you will get only an image of your own design (without pillow template).

Keep images of your designer products on a safe place on your computer or elsewhere.
It will be basis for a further step.


Over My Account page you can access your Dashboard and start to manage your products.


First, you have to add a new product (as below):


Then, add a description of your new product:


Don’t forget to pick a category “Printed Cushions”:


Add your Product image (you saved it in Step 2):


Upload your saved image:


And, finally – Publish:


That’s it! We will review your product, and after it pass, it will be published in your personal store, as well as in our general catalog.

Enjoy using Photo Monkey!