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Tie Dye Print Cushion Blue Back Stunning Art

by Four Winds Dye & Design


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Product Description

Wade Gruhl does the most amazing work hand tie dyeing products.
Wade has made images of his work available for us to print on cushions and pillow cases.

Currently printed on a 45 cm x 45 cm cotton front with a Blue cord back
Zip off cover with invisible zip and cushion filling/insert is also included

Coming in the next few weeks will also be all over print on a 40 x 40cm cushions.

Imagine the hours of work that goes into making these amazing designs.

Postage in Australia is included in the price.

Four Winds Dye & Design

The artist behind Four Winds Dye & Design is Wade Gruhl. Wade has never been very good at coloring within the lines, literally or figuratively. He didn’t like or do well in art class as a child, but he started doing tie-dye in the late 80s and he found that enjoyable. He kept dyeing through the mid 90s. It is unclear exactly when he stopped dyeing and he never consciously decided to stop. It just kind of happened, as he developed other interests. His passion for wilderness travel lead him to Alaska where he worked first as a wilderness guide, and then as a manager for an expedition company. In December of 2014, Wade was asked to help facilitate a tie-dye activity for a local non-profit agency. He had fun, and decided to start dyeing fabric again. He had no idea that people would enjoy his work as much as they did, and be as supportive as they were. This support and encouragement prompted him to establish Four Winds Dye & Design. The support was demonstrated in many ways, from Facebook likes and comments, to help with his sewing, to financial support that allowed him to buy more materials and create more art. To those of you who have been supportive, Wade offers his genuine and heart felt gratitude. Thank you! This project would not be happening without you.